Homemade Potting Soil

I love gardening.  As my Dad says, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl!  I think I have went back to my country roots, because our house in Granby is somewhat in the middle of nowhere.  During the summer, I try to grow a substantial garden.  I say “try”, because growing anything at 9000 feet elevation is tricky!  Our growing season is just so short.  Normally we can’t plant anything outside until the middle of June, and it is frosting outside again by August.  So I take advantage of growing plants indoors!

Here are some of my plants I keep indoors — my herbs, and some tomatoes.  The bottom two I rescued from outdoors when it got too cold.  The one on the bottom right was actually near death, and has revived!


I got the potting soil “recipe” here.  Just like I can control what goes into my body by choosing the ingredients in the food I eat, I can control what my plants grow in by making my own potting soil.  And I go through so much of it!

I get all the components for this potting soil at either my local Ace Hardware, or Lowe’s.

Homemade Potting Soil

1 part compost

1 part soil

1 part peat moss

1 part vermiculite

1/2 cup Dr. Earth Organic Fertilizer


I use an old coffee container to measure this in, and I keep the soil in a bucket.


Sammy joined me outside and some playing with his toys ensued…


Mix together well.


My little helper


Use just like you would use potting soil!


Now I have some transplanting to do!

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  1. I love your blog and I only had time to read the first page. I like the topics and expect to be back soon. I found you on google blogs.

  2. Lea Countryman

     /  December 10, 2011

    Awesome Blog!!!! Wish I was closer so we could garden together…
    Miss you, hope all is well.


  3. So interesting! I can definitely see doing this—I’m always worried about whats in the potting soil I’ve purchased, but this way it would be really obvious!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂


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